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Our highly skilled team offers professional support and problem resolution for both clients and colleagues at Metacom.

Our business

Metacom delivers any data, anywhere in the world, reliably, securely and cost-effectively. We currently operate in 22 countries around the world and eighteen countries in Africa. Custom-designed hardware and software provide seamless connectivity across our converged communications platform. We integrate a wide range of wired and wireless technologies including GSM, satellite, short-range radio and fixed-line systems such as Fibre, ADSL, Diginet and Frame Relay.

Our International Operations Centre constantly monitors and maintains system integrity to ensure exceptional reliability. All Research and Development, manufacturing and remote engineering support is based at our head office in Cape Town, with support capability in all major centres serving local and cross-border clients.

Our passion

Our highly skilled team is committed to developing innovative technologies and providing professional customer support. Together we have the specialist’s deep knowledge and experience of technological disciplines, as well as the generalist’s broad understanding of our customers’ operational and management requirements.

We invest over 30% of our revenue in R&D – significantly more than the international standard. We continue to invest because we are passionate about solving the communication problems of our unique market.

Metacom was established in 2001, bringing together experts in communication technologies, computer engineering, telemetry and financial transaction processing.

  • Managed Wi-Fi services

    Managed Wi-Fi services together with retail analytics launched in order to provide our customers with the competitive advantage. MC712 and MC731 Multi Media players released, enabling quality retail radio and video content streaming.

  • MC614 & MC412 Intelligent Router

    MC614 Intelligent Router launched to improve communication options to remote stores and branches. MC412 Intelligent Router platform unveiled.

  • Metacom’s new NanoPAD

    Metacom’s new NanoPAD launched which offers faster, safer EFT transactions at a lower price.

  • Metacom acquires Multenet

    Metacom acquires 100% of Stellenbosch-based hardware development company, Multenet making us the strongest player in South Africa in our market niche, serving financial, industrial and commercial clients who need reliable, secure, low-cost communications.

  • The MC604

    The MC604 (HSPA) Intelligent Router, the latest generation of our remote routers, comes with onboard intelligence offering advanced routing options so that it can operate securely and cost-effectively in any conditions. The MC604 can be programmed to follow our client’s business rules, as well as be remotely updated and maintained.

  • MC602 Remote Satellite Solution

    We introduced the MC602 Remote Satellite Solution, a shoebox-sized satellite ground station that can be quickly and easily installed at the most remote sites. By now there is at least one Metacom device in every town in South Africa, as well as on many farms and other rural sites.

  • Core MPLS Network

    Metacom expanded its Core MPLS Network to include satellite and ADSL technologies that will seamlessly interface and interconnect to the entire existing infrastructure. This offered our customers an even wider choice of communication network technologies to cover every possible location in the most cost effective way.

  • MC402 RemoteRouter

    The MC402 RemoteRouter underwent a complete upgrade, allowing transparent IP-based communications to the serial port of legacy industrial equipment. Previously isolated equipment like RTUs, QOS monitors, protection equipment and controllers can now be securely accessed, with each device having its own IP address.

  • MC601 Intelligent Router

    Our MC601 Intelligent Router offered seamless integration of Ethernet or Serial Port based equipment for secure inter-company WAN communication. The MC601’s rapid deployment capability enabled a move away from limited fixed-line solutions by offering a secure and reliable alternative communications infrastructure.  

  • CellPAD

    We launched the CellPAD product for transferring financial data and credit card authorisations from EFT terminals, POS devices and ATMs to banks. The success of this implementation led the way for Eskom and other utilities to embrace our GPRS communications solutions. The MC402 Remote Router and the Base Router Server was launched for SCADA communication solutions.

  • Corporate Access Point Nod

    Metacom was the first company to establish Corporate Access Point Node (APN) infrastructure on both the MTN and Vodacom GPRS networks. We were at the forefront of establishing machine-to-machine GPRS communications.

  • GSM-enabled telemetry product

    We released our first GSM-enabled telemetry product, the MC201 for remote monitoring, meter reading and control.

  • Metacom incorporated

    Metacom incorporated.


Réan van Niekerk

Réan van Niekerk

Managing Director

Réan is a technology architect, innovator, serial entrepreneur, skipper, pilot-in-training and family man. He is the managing director and founder of Metacom. With a strong foundation in the military and military-based systems, he has been the key architect and developer of numerous business and engineering systems in a career spanning more than 25 years. Réan believes that technology should be seamlessly integrated into our everyday lives.

Marius Visser

Marius Visser

Managing Director Europe

Marius, who holds a BCom, LLB and an MBA, has worked in the telecommunications industry for 15 years. Starting as a solution consultant and later Business Development Manager at MTN, he later spent six years at Psitek, where he held an executive position, before joining Metacom in March 2010.

Jacques Bekker

Jacques Bekker

Operations Manager

After completing military service Jacques started working for Sanlam head office in their Marketing Department where he was involved with compiling training material and training internal staff. He then joined an IT company specializing in point of sale and gained valuable experience in administration, finance, technical and operations side of the business. Part of his experience included the procurement and rollout of hardware for major retail and media clients.

Zayaan Clarke

Zayaan Clarke

Human Resources Manager

Zayaan completed her diploma in HR Management and Training at Varsity College in 2001. She worked for ADT Security and mortgage originator Ooba before joining Metacom in 2009.