Connecting with customers through Metacom’s in-store Managed Wi-Fi Solution

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Connecting with customers through Metacom’s in-store Managed Wi-Fi Solution

The retail landscape is changing, and as consumers become increasingly connected they have higher expectations. eCommerce offers consumers seemingly unlimited options and as a result, cultivating customer loyalty is becoming increasingly difficult for traditional retailers.

Bricks and mortar stores still hold the advantage in that they are able to develop personal relationships with their customers and can therefore customise their service. However, in order to do this, the retailer typically requires data and analytics, which can only be captured through costly surveys and market research.

To address this shortcoming, Metacom offers a Managed Wi-Fi Solution that uses in-store Wi-Fi to identify an individual customer’s needs in order to deliver personalised services and offerings.

“When retailers take advantage of our Managed Wi-Fi Solution, they are able to gain access to information through Wi-Fi analytics that can then be used for marketing purposes and to improve the overall customer experience,” says Réan van Niekerk, Managing Director of Metacom.

Metacom’s Managed Wi-Fi Services

Today it is expected that retailers will provide customers with free internet connectivity, and it is this incentive that enables retailers to ask their customers simple survey questions to gain qualitative data on customer insights and customer satisfaction, expand on their database, and market new products and campaigns.

Choosing the Managed Wi-Fi Solution offered by Metacom, means that once customers opt in, retailers can obtain key analytics and knowledge about customers giving them a powerful competitive edge,” says van Niekerk.

“Retailers are able to then offer each customer individually-targeted and personalised promotions and in-store experiences.”

Retail analytics

As an example, van Niekerk explains that a customer entering the retail store could be greeted by name and offered a discount on an item that he/ she is most likely interested in. Staff can also assist customers throughout the store with inquiries, which minimises the amount of time customers spend in queues.

“Metacom is one of the only companies in South Africa that builds its own hardware and software, to customise the services offered to clients. Rather than buying off-the-shelf solutions and trying to make it work, retailers can instead partner with a managed service provider – like Metacom – who can fully customise the experience,” says van Niekerk.

“Our solutions allow retailers to successfully measure return on investment and monitor the effectiveness of their Wi-Fi marketing communications,” says van Niekerk. “Retailers can determine whether their customers prefer certain marketing campaigns above others and can better target their marketing towards individuals.”

This allows retailers to build a competitive customer ecosystem, allowing retailers to engage with and create value for customers.

“When a customer can hear, see, and interact with the retailer through services tailored to their specific needs, a strong and loyal community is the end result. Metacom provides the technology that allows retailers to do just that,” concludes van Niekerk.