Metacom improves communication options to remote stores and branches

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Metacom improves communication options to remote stores and branches

Industrial and commercial communications operator, Metacom, has released the latest in their MC600 router series.

“The MC614 Intelligent Router is a completely integrated communication solution tailored for connectivity requirements within the African market”, says Marius Visser, Business Executive at Metacom, “It seamlessly integrates multiple communication mediums into a single connectivity solution, providing maximum uptime at the most cost-effective price.”

The product enables the simultaneous use of up to four GSM SIM cards, ADSL, Wi-Fi and satellite communication with a single router platform ensuring multiple last mile communication options even in the most rural parts of Africa. Should one of these options fail at any stage, the router allows for seamless failover to secondary options and recovers automatically when the primary option is restored.

MC614X Intelligent Router

In addition, the Metacom monitoring and support service ensures that partners are informed whenever a router is in a failover state.

New features such as optional LTE, antenna diversity, integrated WiFi, multiple SSL VPN tunnels, Quality of Service, and SNMP ensure that this router remains a firm favourite to connect remote stores and branches to head offices and partners.

“The MC614 Intelligent Router not only provides a robust integrated network, but it also allows for the inclusion of new services from providing managed customer Wi-Fi access in stores and conducting staff training via Wi-Fi, to streaming radio services to remote stores over the existing wide area network”, says Visser.

“With the MC614 Intelligent Router fully integrated and managed as part of the Metacom managed services offering, Metacom can provide the end-to-end primary ADSL service, with multiple GSM failover options. Our International Operations Centre can proactively monitor all devices in the field for reliability and availability so our clients can remain focused on their core business,” concludes Visser.