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Metacom Cellular Services

Cellular servicesCellular Services forms an important component of Metacom’s managed services portfolio. Most of our routing equipment includes access to multiple SIM cards which are used either as primary last-mile communication medium or as failover medium.

Considering the critical nature of many of the applications on our network (i.e. ATMs and point of sale [POS] connectivity), no downtime is acceptable. Metacom therefore typically provides connectivity via a minimum of two cellular data providers in each country.

Our equipment will automatically switch between the different service providers if any service interruption is experienced.

In addition to this, the Metacom infrastructure in South Africa provides for multiple fibre interconnections to three of the four cellular service providers, ensuring that service interruptions are minimised even if the cellular provider experiences a significant data centre failure.

Our customer and partners have full visibility of the usage and performance of their cellular devices. Usage alerts or even usage caps can be set per site, or for an entire group to manage spend. Usage graphs and performance graphs are available via Metacom Online.