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Metacom Fixed-Line Services

Fixed line servicesMetacom provides managed communication services across any number of last-mile communication mediums. To provide the most reliable and cost-effective business communication services, Metacom as an internet service provider (ISP) also provides business ADSL, business broadband fibre and point-to-point (PTP) fibre services.

Our Fixed-Line Services are designed for use by our business partners and the architecture is, therefore, custom developed to ensure that the back-end systems and contention ratio’s do not impact on the user experience at all. In addition to this, security is key to our implementations.

Our customers do not ever content with private users downloading their latest TV series. We provide our customers with the best possible performance out of the available last-mile services.

Our architecture is robust, with multiple peering points with our partners. Should any interconnect fail, our customers will automatically switch to another data centre, with absolutely minimal service interruption.