Metacom-Managed ATM Connectivity 2020-07-01T17:26:47+00:00

Metacom-Managed ATM Connectivity

Managed ATM ConnectivityMetacom has a long history of providing solid and reliable communication for electronic transactions. Our network is currently being used to provide connectivity to more than 3000 ATMs. Our unique ability to develop our routing equipment, integrated with our tried and trusted managed virtual private networks (VPN) solutions, makes Metacom the ideal partner for the provision of connectivity to ATMs.

Not only is our solution solid and reliable, but we have custom-designed the hardware and network to be more cost-effective than most of the available alternatives.

Our Managed ATM Connectivity is completely integrated into the Metacom-managed Network Services, allowing for remote management and monitoring, with access to Metacom Online for complete visibility of the performance of the ATMs in the field.