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Metacom Managed Failover Communication

Fail Over communicationsMetacom has perfected the ability to provide red line or failover communication. The Metacom solution integrates custom-designed routing equipment and network infrastructure to ensure a reliable failover platform, irrespective of the failover medium. Metacom provides this service, using LTE, Satellite, ADSL and even fibre where required.

Even though GSM availability is often not stable, Metacom’s solution, which includes up to four SIM cards, ensures that a failover path is always available. Our routers will seamlessly switch between the different providers in the event of the preferred option not being available. The GSM path is always open and ready for use, ensuring that no lock-up occurs as often happens with off-the-shelf routers with plug-in interfaces.

Our failover includes architecture options, such as BGP, VRRP, PRP, IPSLA to manage the failover process. Metacom’s experienced staff works with our customers to define the best possible architecture for each implementation.

The solution is used with great success in the following markets and applications:

  • Retail outlets – as failover to the primary communication
  • Business to Business – as failover to the primary communication
  • Banking – as failover to the primary communication
  • Finance and Retail – as failover to the primary communication
  • ATM – as failover to the primary communication