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Metacom Managed Internet Video

Fail Over communicationsDistribution of video content is evolving at a rapid pace. Historically, companies developed server infrastructure to download content to a plethora of “off the shelf” media players. It was mostly static downloads to different devices. Several media content distributors used Metacom’s network to facilitate cost-effective downloading of this data, but the problem with managing a disparate base of “off the shelf players” just increases over time.

To provide this service more economically – with more advanced and stable technology – Metacom has integrated this service into the retail solution portfolio. It is now no longer necessary to use a separate provider to get video material to media displays instore.

Metacom has integrated the technology to multicast video material into our core Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, which allows us to distribute content efficiently across the retail WAN, without multiple downloads. To further improve on the service offering, Metacom has also integrated the media player functionality into the router offers.

Clients can either procure Metacom’s custom-designed multimedia player, the MC731 Internet Video, or choose the fully-integrated MC6000 Enterprise Router -which not only incorporates the Video player but also includes Internet Radio, Wi-Fi, LTE, ADSL and fibre functionality into a world-class routing device. Metacom believes this is a world-first in terms of service integration for the retail environment.

The Metacom Internet Video players allow for content download and scheduling, as well as facilitating online streaming for “live broadcasts”. It will be possible to play stored content with real-time interruptions through video streaming. This ensures integration of the communication channels, allowing our partners to communicate with their growing client community through various channels simultaneously.

Our Managed Internet Video is used with great success in the following markets and applications:

• Advertising Agencies – For public display advertising
• Retailers – Advertising and Informative Displays
• Retailers – Provision of training material to remote staff