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Metacom Managed VPN Services

VPN ServicesMetacom provides wide area network (WAN) connectivity to customers across the world – reliably, securely and cost-effectively.

We have been providing these services since 2004; so robust and reliable that it is being used by some of the largest enterprises in South Africa and 22 countries, across the globe.

Our technology allows our customers to benefit from high availability, at an extremely low cost. We can provide this competitive advantage because we have integrated our virtual private network (VPN) technology with custom-designed routers and services.

Our hardware and software allow us to provide WAN connectivity across a variety of broadband communication mediums, including ADSL, fibre, LTE, Wi-Fi and satellite, with seamless failover between these mediums.

We deliver robust, low-cost communications that exceed business requirements – while at the same time, maintaining tight security and network integrity.

Our support includes the first line, second line and on-site support, whilst we simultaneously provide our customers with full visibility of their network status through access to Metacom Online – allowing users real-time access to view and monitor the status of their network, uptime, latency and data usage.

Our managed VPN services are used with great success in the following markets and applications:

  • Retail outlets – as WAN connecting stores
  • Business to Business – as WAN connecting branches to head office network environments
  • Banking – as primary and failover WAN
  • Finance and Retail –connectivity to mobile offices, mobile staff, temporary or pop-up stores, etc.
  • ATM – connectivity from ATMs and or financial transaction terminals to centralised transaction switches (providing multiple connectivity paths)
  • IoT or Telemetry – connecting remote machines to management networks, for example, irrigation
  • Medical – connecting remote diagnostics equipment to central data repositories for analysis
  • Industrial – backbone for supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems