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Metacom Mobile Premises Solutions

Mobile PremisesMetacom’s custom-designed routers and software are often used to provide connectivity to temporary or mobile sites. Key features that make this possible include:

  • LTE connectivity for high-data speed
  • External antennas for the best possible signal
  • Multiple SIM cards to ensure maximum chance of connectivity irrespective of where the router is deployed
  • Robust and reliable design to protects the router during transport
  • High-capacity integrated battery for up to eight hours of operation as a network router
  • Integrated Wi-Fi for ease of access to the network by multiple remote users
  • Integration into a managed virtual private network (VPN), ensuring the security
  • Automatic connectivity without any remote support required
  • Multiple VPNs for secure network access, whilst simultaneously providing Internet to customers or staff
  • Remote first and second line support when needed.

Metacom Mobile Premises Solutions has been used with great success in the following markets and applications:

  • Banking – managed Wi-Fi access to clients in temporary bank branches
  • Banking – access to the secure head office network for mobile staff
  • Retail – hotspots
  • Retail – connectivity at festivals
  • Transport – internet access on trains