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Metacom Online

Metacom OnlineMetacom monitors each remote wide area network (WAN) site on our network and pro-actively applies remote corrective action in the event of downtime. For our customers who elected Metacom’s onsite support SLA, we extend the remote management to also include pro-active site visits and repairs when required.

Whilst we generally pride ourselves in managing our customers’ networks to achieve the highest possible uptime, we also acknowledge that our customers’ needs visibility on the performance of their networks. Metacom provides our customers and their identified users with this visibility in real-time through the Metacom Online system.

Metacom Online provides the following real-time information:

  • Uptime Dashboard
  • Site Data
  • Uptime Graphs
  • Latency Graphs
  • Data Utilisation Graphs
  • Usage Notifications
  • Usage Caps
  • Alert Views

Our customers can set usage alerts and even caps to prevent unexpected spend on data services. Graphs may be extracted for reporting purposes.