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Metacom Satellite Services

Sattelight servicesMetacom provides several different satellite solutions across sub-Saharan Africa. Our unique ability to integrate custom-designed routing equipment with a fully-managed wide area network (WAN), ensures that we can provide reliable, cost-effective WAN using broadband Ku, Ka and even L-band technologies.

Our implementation of acceleration and Quality of Service (QoS) allows for the best possible experience using satellite technology.

Our architecture typically allows for primary communication via the satellite interface, with failover communication via the multiple Sim cards embedded in the MC600 Intelligent Router.

Metacom offers the solution with various bandwidth profiles with capped and uncapped packages.

Our Satellite Services has been used with great success in the following markets and applications:

  • Retail outlets – as a primary communication platform
  • Business–to-business (B2B) – to connect remote and international branches to head office infrastructure
  • Finance and retail – for mobile offices, mobile staff, and temporary or pop-up stores, etc.
  • ATM – to connect ATM’s and or financial transaction terminals to centralised transaction switches (providing multiple connectivity paths)
  • Medical – to connect remote diagnostics equipment to central data repositories for analysis
  • Hotspots – to provide customer and or staff access to managed WiFi infrastructure
  • VOIP – in stores and branches
  • Industrial – connectivity to independent power producers, such as wind farms