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Metacom SCADA Communication

SCADA CommunicationMetacom Industrial has provided reliable connectivity to the industrial and engineering sector since 2004. Our devices are, for example, a critical part of Eskom’s national electricity distribution network, enabling a level of visibility and control that would be impossible otherwise.

Our solutions are based on our range of custom-designed routers and modems, designed to deliver reliable, cost-effective communications even under the toughest conditions. We specialise in connecting a wide range of telemetry and machine-to-machine (M2M) devices seamlessly to backend control systems. The Metacom Communication Network, based on MPLS technology, provides secure and reliable point-to-point (PTP) connectivity throughout southern Africa.

Our International Operations Centre (IOC) constantly monitors connectivity and can restore communications, in the event of any network downtime, so quickly our clients aren’t even aware of it.