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The MC6000 Enterprise Router gives our partners and customers the competitive advantage by integrating managed services, such as customer Wi-Fi, internet video, internet radio and point of sale (POS), with WAN connectivity into a single rack-mountable routing platform.

MC6000 Enterprise Router Product Family

Our customers can distribute or stream media content, multicast live radio, provide end-users with managed Wi-Fi services and simultaneously ensure point of sale integrity. The router makes use of multiple secure VPN services, together with Quality of Service (QoS) to ensure a world-class offering.

Separate routers for media players, point of sale devices, radio or Wi-Fi systems are no longer required.

The quality and stability of the services provided by the MC6000 Enterprise Router are ensured through the integration of multiple last-mile communication options which can be used for primary and/or failover communication.

The router supports integrated fibre, Ethernet, ADSL, Wi-Fi and LTE connectivity options. Our customers can apply different QoS rules for each communications medium and potentially also for each service supported by the MC6000 Enterprise Router.

The MC6000 Enterprise Router supports dynamic dual power supplies with alerts, in the event of either of the power supplies failing.

The router offers secure integration into Metacom’s managed services, ensuring the highest levels of uptime and visibility.

The following MC6000 options are available:

  • MC6000 enterprise router
  • MC6000 multi-media card
MC6000 Enterprise Router Product Family