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The MC602 Satellite Router is custom designed to provide access in areas where ADSL and in some cases, even GSM might not be available.

MC602 Satellite Router

It consists of a small compact weatherproof satellite transceiver, capable of download and upload speeds of up to 384Kbps. The satellite transceiver is deployed with the Metacom MC600 Intelligent Router, which controls all the communication and manages the power supply to the satellite modem.

The MC602 continuously monitors the satellite connection and automatically restores the connection if lost, without any human intervention. This ensures that it is ideal for unmanned and remote rural implementation.

A dedicated power management unit is provided to deliver clean and stable power to the satellite transceiver, in areas where power supply is erratic.

The MC602 has been used with great success for the following market applications:

  • Retail outlets – as a primary communication platform in extremely rural or international locations
  • ATM – to connect ATM’s and or financial transaction terminals to centralised transaction switches in temporary or rural locations (i.e. festivals)
  • Medical – to connect remote diagnostics equipment to central data repositories for analysis
  • Industrial – to connect remote supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) equipment to centralised SCADA systems.