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In support of Metacom’s Multimedia solution – Metacom has developed unique media routing equipment, custom-designed for seamless streaming of media services across a managed Wide Area Network. These routers can simply be connected to the appropriate network and Metacom will use our multicasting solution to stream the content to the routers.

MC700 Multi-Media Product Family

The MC700 product range is custom designed to provide uninterrupted service. It can play streamed content and seamlessly failover to stored content in the event of any network interruption. It is also possible to alternate between stored content and live streaming whenever necessary, or as scheduled.

Only the highest quality components are used to ensure superior audio and video, with ease of use allowing for:

  • Remote monitoring of media and player
  • Flexible playlist scheduling

The MC700 product family offers secure integration into the Metacom’s managed virtual private network (VPN) and multimedia platforms, allowing for fully-managed network services offering.

The MC700 can be used for the following market applications:

  • In-store radio
  • In-store video
  • In-store pricing and information boards
  • Remote learning
  • Remote announcements

The MC700 is available in the following versions:

  • MC712 internet radio player
  • MC731 internet video player


MC712 Internet Radio