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Are you a team player with passion and drive, adding a solution-orientated and positive mindset – then consider Metacom as an employer of choice.

Want to join our team? Send through a well thought out motivational letter along with your summary CV and we will take your submission into account when looking for suitable candidates, who will make an impact in delivering “The Metacom Way”.

  • Freedom with responsiblity
  • Innovation with focus
  • Entrepreneurialism with rigour
  • Teamwork and respect
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Software Analyst
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Software Analyst

We are seeking a Software Analyst to expand our development team in enhancing, expanding and maintaining our in-house applications and integrations. Our team motto: “We make magic happen by creating applications to deliver business value”

Metacom Online: Acts as our client, support and billing portal to manage and visualize the relationships, monitoring and reporting between customers, network devices, products and services.

Metacom Config Server: Acts as our Metacom device configuration repository and templating system, to track configuration changes applied on devices, but also be able to issue configurations based on preconfigured templates.

Metacom Media Center: Acts as our video and audio management interface to setup, schedule and track playlists and content across the different client sites and devices.

Various smaller application instances:

  • Flat file import and processing
  • Alert monitoring and flagging
  • Data usage tracking and blocking
  • System generated email templating and sending

Duties would include, but not be limited to:
  • Gathering and refining requirements through interactions and facilitation with stakeholders
  • Facilitating implementation design workshops with relevant stakeholders about the proposed requirements and / or changes
  • Creating and / or updating specifications based on the outcomes of the design workshops
  • Be the main interface for support related queries across the various systems
  • Investigate, log and assign relevant development support tickets
  • Testing and QA of software releases
  • Keep track of issues, tasks, and enhancements with regards to releases
  • Maintain user documentation in line with new releases
  • Comply with department methodologies and software development methodologies

Minimum requirements:
  • A Degree or Diploma in Information Systems or Computer Science
  • At least 4 years work experience as a full-time software analyst performing analysis and design
  • Extensive experience with SDLC
  • A good understanding of computer programming and limitations
  • Solid experience of integrations using: REST / Web or Micro-services
  • Good knowledge of SQL database design, querying and processing

Additional Skills:
  • Modelling of business processes
  • Reviewing application log files
  • Querying SQL databases for testing and troubleshooting purposes
  • Familiarity with Linux environments
  • Automated testing

Personal Attributes:
  • Be professional
  • Have strong analytical thinking with great attention to detail
  • Multi-dimensional problem-solving and thinking.
  • Remain flexible, function under pressure, and maintain a positive attitude and work performance in a variety of circumstances
  • Must have the ability to work within a team, but also independently
  • Take responsibility for staying up to date with the latest trends and developments
  • Be willing and keen to share information
  • Have great written and verbal communication skills
  • Have a natural tendency to be self-driven and highly self-motivated with a sense of pride in their work
  • Show initiative
  • Have an ability to grasp ‘big picture requirements and work with changing requirements
  • Have a strong sense of integrity
  • Be able to accept constructive criticism

Should you meet the above requirements, forward a detailed CV with contactable references to
Metacom offers a highly rewarding role with substantial growth opportunities, as well as exciting benefits - Pension, Group Life Cover, Medical Aid and more.

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