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The Metacom Way
A philosophy and approach that extends to every detail of what we do, from engineering to customer support, with the end result of making our customers radically successful.

Commercial and industrial communications provider Metacom has grown enormously and in just over fifteen years operates in more than 20 countries around the world. 

A managed, high availability point-to-point managed SD-WAN network provider, Metacom developed what many consider to be the most reliable failover communication technology and algorithms available for the retail and banking sectors. Engineered and field tested over many years, the company integrates all types of connectivity into one unified and secure infrastructure.

A number of Metacom’s larger South African clients have installed their routers and infrastructure at outlets across the continent. This has enabled the Metacom brand to expand their reputation and they now supply products and services into Africa and further afield.

“Our exponential growth has required significant resource planning, especially technology, people and finance. This has certainly presented its fair share of challenges, but with careful planning and excellent execution, Metacom has consistently delivered superb technical and financial results,” says Réan van Niekerk, Managing Director.
The Metacom Way

Van Niekerk attributes Metacom’s success and annual growth in excess of 30% to their integrated in-house solutions. 

“Teamwork, specialised engineering, innovation and a massive dose of can-do attitude is what it takes to sometimes move mountains for our customers. We call this The Metacom Way – a philosophy and approach that extends to every detail of what we do, from engineering to customer support,” adds van Niekerk.  

The Metacom Way is an ethos that has permeated throughout the company, and is something upheld by every employee, leader and action. A can-do attitude is part and parcel of Metacom’s service delivery, as is the commitment to solving a problem, no matter how complex it may seem at first.

The Metacom Offering

The company provides a wide range of products and solutions and is comprised of the integration of wired and wireless technologies, into a solid reliable managed SD-WAN environment. The Metacom Service Support Centre (SSC) constantly monitors and maintains system integrity to ensure exceptional reliability and all research and development, manufacturing and remote engineering support is based at their head office in Cape Town, South Africa. 

“Reliable communication is of the utmost importance and cannot be overemphasised. Metacom has engineered reliability and failover communication algorithms into the very fabric of all our products and services,” says van Niekerk.

The Metacom Enablers

Metacom recently launched the MC6000 Enterprise Router, one of the most advanced routers of its kind. This router integrates most services required by retailer sand banks, such as communication, video player, internet radio, Fibre, ADSL,LTE and Wi-Fi into one integrated unit, with expansion slots to add anything your remote site may require in the future. 

Van Niekerk explains that “providing free Wi-Fi is a fantastic service for customers but costs the retailer money. Permission-based retail analytics is an incredibly powerful tool to derive value from the provision of customer Wi-Fi services. It allows the retailer to ascertain who their customers are, and to design marketing campaigns carefully crafted to reach their specific target market”. 

Metacom works with financial credit providers and credit bureaus to provide retail analytics focused on demographic and psychographic analytics. This takes place through Wi-Fi, private and public hotspots or access points.

The Metacom Future

Privately owned but managed as a corporate, the company continuously invests in technology, systems and processes while operating in a structured manner. Metacom will continue to focus on engineering and developing state of the art information and communications equipment and related technologies, with the goal to add at least two new product ranges annually. 

“I have the privilege of leading an incredibly talented team of people, creating tens of thousands of products, interconnected across more than 20 countries, al l monitored from our Service Support Centre,

At the end of the day, it’s all about making our clients radically successful through the application of innovative ICT Technology,” concludes van Niekerk.

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