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Our CEO, Réan van Niekerk featured on
the cover of Leadership magazine as a digital
maverick in the 4th Industrial Revolution.

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Reliable connectivity to the industrial and engineering sector since 2004. Our devices are, for example, a critical part of Eskom’s national electricity distribution network, enabling a level of visibility and control that would be impossible otherwise.


Connectivity services to the banking and financial sector since 2004.  Our equipment and networks connect ATMs, standalone point of sale (POS) devices as well as integrated POS systems seamlessly to financial partners, ensuring that transactions go through no matter what.


Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity to customers across Southern Africa reliably, securely & cost-effectively. Our solutions for customers such as PEP & Ackermans, among the largest retailers on the subcontinent, build on our range of routers and modems as well as our communication network.

The Metacom Value Proposition

One partner…

… who knows the technology inside out to answer all your questions.
… to develop all the hardware, software & network contracts you need.
… to offer professional support and problem resolution.
… to contract with.
… who takes full responsibility.

Metacom Retail Solutions

Metacom specialises in providing high-quality managed Wide Area Network (WAN) Services to retail stores. We provide managed communication services across several last-mile connectivity options such as GSM, Satellite, ADSL, and Fibre, which are all integrated into a single managed network service offering.

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