Metacom designs and builds solutions specifically to solve the unique needs and requirements of our clients. We deliver to a variety of clients ranging from, large multinational retailers, quick service restaurants and financial service providers to forecourts and IoT providers as well as corporates, across Southern Africa and over 20 other countries.

Our client testimonials reflect our unwavering commitment to exceptional quality and uptime while saving cost and providing a platform to make our clients radically successful.



Supporting more than 7,000 retail outlets in over 20 countries. Providing POS, Wi-Fi, Digital Display, Audio and other Metacom services.

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Quick Service &
Sit-down Restaurants

Trusted by leading Quick Service & Sit-down restaurants to provide comprehensive ICT services to outlets.

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Financial Service

ATM, Branch, mobile branch, work from home, LTE failover, customer Wi-Fi are services used by some of the largest Banks and Financial institutions in Africa.

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Managed connectivity, including POS, Wi-Fi and other services to Forecourts across Africa.

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Core SD-WAN connectivity to various corporate enterprises

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Utility Providers

Managed communication services to utility providers ensuring reliable and secure distribution of utility services.

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IoT Providers

Connectivity to a variety of partners for machine-2-machine solutions, including digital display, irrigation, monitoring and more.

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ATM Providers

Connectivity to over 6,000 Automatic Teller Machines ensuring flawless transactions.

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Strategic Partners

Key partnerships allow Metacom to deliver only the best last-mile connectivity, from GSM to Fibre. Our services are in turn provided to the market via strategic partners.

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Medical Service

Managed connectivity to more than 2,000 medical sites across a number of countries, for the collection of early detection data.

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