Metacom has delivered cost effective managed services for more than 15 years. Our unique ability to build services such as SD-WAN, POS, Multimedia and Wi-Fi, into a single solid reliable managed service, combined with our custom designed routers, allows for reduction in the cost of service delivery.

Our value proposition is further enhanced by removing the cost of multiple devices and multiple vendors, replacing a plethora of “on premise” devices with a single integrated Metacom router.


All our managed  services are based on Metacom’s solid reliable SD-WAN core, delivering SD-WAN services to customers in more than 20 countries.

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Point of Sale Connectivity

Integrated and stand-alone POS connectivity to more than 7,000 retail outlets.

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World Wide Web

Managed Internet connectivity for remote stores, their staff and their customers.

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Digital Display

Innovative managed digital display solution, inclusive of content management, scheduling and monitoring of remote displays.

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Managing and distributing audio/radio streaming services to 1,000’s of retail outlets using a comprehensive managed platform.

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Full spectrum of Wi-Fi services, customer Wi-Fi, managed access for defined user groups, analytics and much more.

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Comprehensive VoIP solution, providing voice services to call centers, remote stores and head offices, resulting in real savings to our customers.

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Automatic Teller Machines

Managed Connectivity to more than 6,000 Automatic Teller Machines.

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IoT Connectivity

Providing reliable and sustainable managed connectivity for machine-2-machine solutions.

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CCTV Connectivity

Managed & secure connectivity to CCTV service providers through SD-WAN technology.

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Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics in support of the store of the future. Providing detail insight into client behavior and activity.

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Metacom Online

Insight into network performance. Online access to real-time status, alerts, usage and other data.

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SCADA Connectivity

Advanced SCADA connectivity with experience of over 15 years, enabling utility providers to manage their services.

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Medical Connectivity

Reliable communication solutions for connectivity to medical devices, gathering preventative medical data in Africa and Asia.

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Service Enablers

Last Mile Connectivity

Provide extensive range of managed last mile options, depending on the most appropriate medium for the application. We manage the relationships with approved providers of Fibre, LTE, Microwave, Satellite and more.

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Research and Development

Continuously working with our clients and partners to bring new products and solutions to the market which is core to our value proposition.

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Failover Connectivity

Seamless failover path for retailers, corporates and other clients for more than 15 years, using multiple last mile options and multiple GSM sim cards.

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Support Services

Committed to developing innovative technologies and providing professional client support.

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