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Last Mile Connectivity

Provide extensive range of managed last mile options,
depending on the most appropriate medium for the
application. We manage the relationships with approved providers of Fibre, LTE, Microwave, Satellite

Metacom’s managed SD-WAN services are rendered across any number of last-mile communication carriers.

We evaluate the needs of our clients and propose the most appropriate last-mile options depending on location and the requirement.

We negotiate and obtain preferential pricing based on our extensive footprint and requirements. We have already contracted with the most reputable providers of last-mile services, inclusive of Fibre, LTE, 5G, Microwave, Satellite and more, securing the most cost-effective rates together with a sound service delivery platform.

We integrate our core SD-WAN network architecture with the architecture of these providers, providing a robust architecture with geographically spread peering options to ensure optimal service delivery.