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Managing and distributing audio/radio streaming services to 1,000's of retail outlets through a comprehensive managed platform.

Many of our clients have long recognised the value of retail radio and deployed it with great success. Historically, this service was rendered through satellite broadcasting technology, which allowed the retailer to broadcast a live radio stream to stores.

While this technology proved to be adequate, it has limitations. For example, it was difficult to customise content for broadcast to specific regions or stores and it has become increasingly difficult to install satellite dishes in shopping malls.

New technology now enables Metacom's clients to stream retail radio via their existing Metacom IP network, overcoming most of these obstacles.

The management of the remote hardware and more monitoring thereof is completely integrated into the Metacom managed services portfolio.

As with our Metacom Internet Video solutions, Metacom has also integrated this functionality into our MC6000 Enterprise Router to allow for a fully integrated solution offering.

Our Managed Internet Radio can be used in the following markets and applications:
  • Retailers - for national and international radio streaming
  • Retailers - scheduling of audio content to simulate a "live" audio environment
  • Retailers - provision of training material/ announcements to remote staff
Clients making use of Metacom's audio services often benefit from using other Metacom services delivered through our managed service offering:
  • SD-WAN
  • Point of Sale Connectivity
  • World Wide Web Services
  • Digital Display
  • Wi-Fi
  • VoIP
  • Retail Analytics
  • Last Mile Connectivity
  • Failover Connectivity
  • Metacom Online
Our managed Audio service has been customised, optimised and used with great success by: