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Full spectrum of Wi-Fi services, customer Wi-Fi, managed access for defined user groups, analytics and much more.

Metacom has been providing Wi-Fi services to customers for many years. Our routers are used for remote learning, setting up of temporary stores and bank branches (mobile offices), connecting digital displays, connecting medical equipment and many more examples, which are a testament to the stability of the hardware.

In addition to providing Wi-Fi to internal stakeholders, Metacom believes that providing managed Wi-Fi access to the end customers of our clients is a critical value proposition. In this context, Metacom provides store/ branch Wi-Fi access to customers of several of our clients.

We manage the complete infrastructure, include the following key features:
  • White/ blacklisting of certain sites
  • Usage limts per customer, dependent on the services they access
  • Walled garden functionality with unlimited access to the retailer's services
  • Enabling access to mobile stores, while limiting access to anything else
  • Full analyses and reporting of usage
  • Data gathering through questionnaires or usage analysis
  • Management of Access Point and utilisation per Access Point (AP)

As with all Metacom solutions, Metacom has also integrated this solution into our managed services portfolio, ensuring end-to-end management of the entire system.

Clients making use of Metacom's Wi-Fi solution often benefit from using other Metacom services delivered through our managed service offering:
  • SD-WAN
  • Point of Sale Connectivity
  • World Wide Web Services
  • Digital Display
  • Audio
  • VoIP
  • Retail Analytics
  • Last Mile Connectivity
  • Failover Connectivity
  • Metacom Online
Our managed Wi-Fi service has been customised, optimised, and used with great success by: