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Managed Internet connectivity for remote stores, staff and their customers.

Solid and reliable internet connectivity has become an essential service. The requirement of the modern enterprise is however much more extensive than basic access to the internet. We pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding the requirements of our customers in this regard.

Our service options include:
  • Management of firewall services
  • Managing access levels of staff, clients, mobile workers at remote locations whether it be limiting access to content or managing bandwidth utilisation
  • Providing connectivity to and from remote Wide Area Network sites to third party cloud-based services
  • Managed Wi-Fi services
Clients making use of Metacom's World Wide Web services often benefit from using other Metacom services delivered through our managed service offering, such as:
  • SD-WAN
  • Point of Sale Connectivity
  • World Wide Web Services
  • Digital Display
  • Audio
  • Wi-Fi
  • VoIP
  • Retail Analytics
  • Last Mile Connectivity
  • Failover Connectivity
  • Metacom Online