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Failover Connectivity

Seamless failover path for retailers, corporates and
other clients for more than 15 years, using multiple last
mile options and multiple GSM sim cards.

The provision of reliable quality communication with multiple data paths is at the core of Metacom’s SD-WAN service and as such Metacom is an expert in providing failover communication for our clients. All Metacom’s services deployed over the last 15 years have included at least two communication paths across separate network providers.

Irrespective of the nature of the failover communication path; be it Fibre, LTE, Microwave or even Satellite - Metacom’s SD-WAN service will failover seamlessly and return to the primary path as soon as it is available, with minimum service interruption.

Different Quality of Service (QoS) rules allow us to optimise the communication dependent on which last-mile is active, ensuring optimal communication, at all times.

Our Metacom Online system provides full visibility of the active communication medium, together with failover notification, enabling active management of the end-to-end solution.