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Metacom Online

Insight into network performance. Online access to
real-time status, alerts, usage and other data.

Metacom Online is a comprehensive online platform that provides visibility to our Support Service Centre (SSC) team as well as our clients, on the performance of the network. Metacom monitors each remote SD-WAN site on our network and pro-actively applies remote corrective action in the event of downtime. For our clients who elected Metacom’s onsite support SLA, we extend the remote management to also include pro-active site visits and hardware related repairs as and when required.

Metacom Online provides the following real-time information:
  • Uptime Dashboard
  • Site Data
  • Uptime Graphs
  • Latency Graphs
  • Data Utilisation Graphs
  • Usage Notifications
  • Usage Caps
  • Alert Views

Our customers can set usage alerts and even caps to prevent unexpected spend on data services. Graphs may be extracted
for reporting purposes.