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Retail Analytics

Retail Analytics in support of the store of the future.
Providing detailed insight into client behaviour and activity.

For years, since the advent of e-commerce, brick 'n mortar businesses have struggled in acquiring customer information. Online businesses have always had the upper hand owing to the internet which serves as an excellent platform for this purpose. However, all that is changing now, thanks to Wi-Fi analytics. Wi-Fi analytics systems provide a way to organise and interpret customer data collected through guest Wi-Fi, making them a very powerful tool in the right hands. Knowing customer behaviour, who they are and what they want, is the key to creating the perfect product or service offering.

In the past, businesses have had to make critical decisions with very little information about consumer behaviour. Now you can finally understand what visitors do while in your venues.
  • See the entire visitor experience. Understand the entire visitor journey with a single tool.
  • Identify under- or over-performing assets. Find out what's working well and what needs further attention.
  • Improve marketing conversions. See which messages impact visitor behaviour and identify ineffective campaigns.
  • Assess visitor behaviour at a glance. See the data you need right when you log in.
  • Get your stakeholders up to speed. Automatically extrapolate and publish the exact reports you need, for circulation to key stakeholders.
Key benefits of Metacom's Retail Analytics:
  • A better visitor experience. Delight visitors with a guest Wi-Fi experience that looks good on any device and matches your brand identity.
  • Higher conversion rate on marketing campaigns. Deliver campaigns that convert by sending the right message at the right time.
  • Richer customer profiles. By capturing new data from visitors on subsequent visits, gain a better understanding of who visitors are and what they care about.
  • Remotely manage guest Wi-Fi at the location and portfolio level.
  • Deliver personalised content - easily customise the guest Wi-Fi experience to deliver unique and highly-targeted experiences to your visitors.
  • Tailor content by profile, location, date and time.
  • Use our drag-and-drop tool or fine-tune with HTML/CSS
  • Login through social media, email, phone, or custom fields.