Intelligent Router

A robust reliable enterprise router platform. It enables effortless integration of remote equipment and sites into the centralised and fully managed SD-WAN infrastructure; using Fibre, LTE, ADSL, Ethernet, Satellite or even Wi-Fi as the last-mile communication medium. The router seamlessly fails over between the different network technologies to ensure maximum and reliable uptime.

The MC614F has access to multiple connectivity options and therefore guarantees maximum uptime even when low-cost broadband infrastructure is used to provide the wide-area network.

As a robust and reliable SD-WAN enabler, it includes several technologies such as:
  • LTE technology with Dual Plastic or Chip SIM cards
  • SFP Interface
  • Optional ADSL 2+
  • Optional Wi-Fi, 802.11 B, G and N
  • Software includes firewall, DNS, DHCP, SSL and L2TP
  • SNMP, Dynamic and Failover routing
  • Supports SCADA system protocols
  • Remote Management Interface
  • LCD with display of active network and signal strength
  • Four Ethernet ports with 4 network interfaces
  • SMA connector for Main or Diversity Antennas
  • Multi-function modem button
  • Automated SIM switching, Dual Plastic or Chip SIM
  • Multiple VPN tunnels
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Router Features Diagram