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Research and Development

Continuously working with our clients and partners to bring new products and solutions to the market which is core to our Metacom value proposition.

Metacom is passionate about the innovative application of technology to make our clients radically successful. We have an experienced, highly skilled engineering team with a track record in developing innovative solutions. Our experience includes hardware and firmware development together with software and core network engineering, enabling world-class systems.

Together, we have the specialist’s deep knowledge and experience of technological disciplines, as well as the generalist’s broad understanding of our clients’ operational and management requirements.

We are passionate and enthused about adapting our wide range of services to the specific needs of our customers, without the limitation experienced by resellers of off the shelve equipment. The entire service eco-system is in our control, allowing us to be exceptionally flexible and effective.

We invest over 30% of our revenue in R&D – significantly more than the international standard. We continue to invest because we are passionate about solving the communication problems of our unique market.