Audio Player

Provides effortless streaming of radio services across an integrated SD-WAN Network. Simply connect the radio feed to the Metacom network and Metacom will stream to the remote MC712 Player anywhere for playback.

The Audio Player is custom designed to provide an uninterrupted radio service. it can play an audio stream and seamlessly failover to stored content in the event of any network interruption. It is also possible to alternate between stored content and live streaming whenever necessary or as scheduled.

Metacom's MC712 Internet Radio Player

High Quality Digital to Analogue components are used to ensure that the radio stream is replayed at exceptional quality.

The integrated management capability of the Metacom network and Audio service ensures that the content is managed effectively and that the players are monitored and maintained efficiently. It will even be possible for remote support to 'listen' to the Audio steam which is transmitted by the MC712 Audio Router at the remote site.

Key Features of the MC712 Media Player:

  • Plays streamed or stored content
  • Seamlessly fails over to stored content when a stream is interrupted
  • Multicasting enabled
  • Schedule streamed or stored content
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