About Cipal

Cipal offers strong technical skills that are extremely beneficial to customers both during the router and connectivity installation process, and when providing managed services support.

Additionally, Cipal offers broad reach across South Africa so that Metacom customers can be served quickly and efficiently – no matter where their offices are situated.

“Metacom prides itself on creating some of the best routers in the industry,” said Cipal Chairman Thami Msimango.

“We’re also the best at what we do – both in terms of skill and experience – which makes this an incredible partnership.”

The alliance was born from Metacom needing a partner to expand its market reach and Cipal wishing to extend its service offering to include some of the managed services that Metacom offers.

The strong product and services offering from Metacom, combined with the exceptional technical skills of Cipal creates a natural overlap in strategy that will ultimately benefit both the customers of Cipal and Metacom.

“Cipal has very strong technical capabilities and is great at delivering last-mile communications across South Africa, doing physical installations, and performing the technical management of devices like ours, they have a very strong telecommunication background,” explained Metacom Chief Marketing Officer, Marius Visser.

“As two proudly South African companies, there was also a substantial overlap in our company cultures, as we share many similar values – such as building strong technical competence to support our customers.”

“Finally, while we are strong in certain market segments, there are other markets where Cipal gives us access to many customers and industries we would otherwise not have reached.”

Benefits for customers

The partnership between Metacom and Cipal makes it easy for businesses to get an industry-leading Metacom routers and services installed quickly – even if they’re not situated in a major centre.

Thanks to Cipal’s technical excellence and extensive reach, the installation services are also not all these customers get.

“We’re not just dropping the box and checking it works before leaving. We also make sure we are visible and can be on-site quickly should you run into any issues down the line,” said Msimango.

This means businesses will always have a single touchpoint for any questions or queries they have regarding their Metacom router and services.

“New customers who work through Cipal will receive the same amazing experience that our existing customers already get – fantastic technical delivery that is fast and comprehensive and focussed on making them successful,” said Visser.

“We’re excited to expand our reach into South Africa through this new partnership and look forward to growing this partnership with Cipal in the future.”

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