Metacom is a proudly South African company that develops routing hardware, software and integrated systems, currently operating in more than 20 countries around the world, with a sizeable footprint in Africa. Due to this Metacom is uniquely positioned to provide the industry with appropriate solutions for the South African market.

Metacom | Innovative Communication Technologies. Delivered.

Many companies embark upon on the journey of a brand change or “refresh” – there was no better time than at the start of 2021, after a tumultuous and life changing year due to the onset and devastation of covid-19.

We managed to work our way through the devastation and hardship of the pandemic and with a refinement to our internal management structures, we decided to kick off our year with the new look and feel for Metacom.

We are certainly very proud and positive with the outcome, as we tackle 2021 under the guise of our new look and brand identity, which has been refined and brought into a more contemporary space.

“The new logo, what is says about Metacom – we are innovative, we are looking to the future, clean, lean, to the point hence the very specific full stop/ icon after the logo … it feels like a new, refreshed start.” says Réan van Niekerk | CEO


The team worked closely with our agency Fuel Design. Rob de Sousa has great insight into our business, being our agency partner for over 10years - watching the business grow from being engineering focused to a more marketing centric business, with a lot more emphasis on meeting the needs of our existing and new clients, through innovation and service delivery.

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