We are very excited to announce that our MC6000 Enterprise Router has been type approved by The Communications Authority of Kenya. This achievement is a necessary process of our growth into Africa and other territories outside the borders of South Africa.

This is extremely important given that our Kenya based clients require this critical certification to further engage with Metacom and continue to do business with us.

We can proudly state that our products are engineered to exceptional standards. Type approval is required in all territories that we trade and is essentially official confirmation from a government or other body (ICASA etc.) that a manufactured item meets stringent regulatory, technical and safety specifications.  

A team effort that was driven by Michael Sass, on behalf of his client, together with Jacques Bekker and Chad Hammond, who handle type approval of product for Metacom – a very admin intense job!

Well done to all involved - The Metacom Way!

Read more on the MC6000 here

About Metacom

Metacom is a proudly South African company that has delivered cost-effective managed services, based on in-house designed routing equipment and a reliable SD-WAN core, for over 20 years.

This unique solution is used by leading financial institutions, retailers, and utility providers to deliver reliable communication services in more than 20 countries around the world. The ability to build services such as SD-WAN, POS, Multimedia, Wi-Fi, and SCADA into a single solid managed service, combined with our innovative custom designed routers, allows for improved reliability with a simultaneous reduction in the cost of service delivery to our clients.

When Metacom started delivering services 20 years ago, it was predominantly engineering-focused and mostly grew through word-of-mouth.
While staying true to its core DNA based on innovation, it has now become a leading managed solution provider, merging various important communications services across numerous market segments into a world-class managed service.

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